World Law Federation

WHY do we need to federalize the Laws of Every Nation into this World Law Federation?

In these days and current centuries, Law Making in Every Nation are at risk of not obeying the law made by Law Makers even as by themselves (to the law they made at  those nations) when the judges should of decide with maximum consideration of  humanity the serious life and living conditions of people; their families at uncertain living status and riskiest future within every boundary of every nation. As bad as every part of world economy are also caused as of that main reason why deeply corrupted within all sectors of every industry. Thus from all those trouble making with bad purposes, the living conditions of every community are worsen and health of all human lives are also at it selves all time at stakes. Result from such jeopardizing are dangerously causing not just to the living status of every human, also of the financial abuses at many ways by those destructors to the living residents, of every area, dangerous threats can easily become criminal acts, that can also be out of control at anytime by of man-made causes and deadly diseases at everywhere. 

In order to be able to protect each self with each own conscious, every living human and each own family residing among the communities need the fair justice at the best righteous.

Therefore, the Laws are most important part of decision making to save the life of every innocent individual include all the good men, women and children of all ages; to verdict those destructors who are convicting or keep trying to convict such criminal acts which include the bad purposes of stalking just for any kind of wrongful competition of any industry or dangerous political ambition as unfair competition, following around even onto the web; life threatening to each and every innocent individual who are working on or each own way of living at each self.  All Honorable Judges are to be very careful and cautious of not  to be the weapons of those criminals who can also be working inside of every where including among the employees of any government of any nation, or even inside the justice departments or seizing the political power to harm even to each own citizens and residents. 

Although Good Laws are made as protective elements for the Needy Life Requirement of the innocent people at each own living location, it will never be effective of any governing services if the Laws are never obeyed or not following exactly by Justice and/or Administrative Decision Making at any department or Law Making Personnel. Everyone working as Justice Personnel at all positions shall always be very carefully focus and concentrate each own job at no mistake which can seriously waste; harm the life of all individuals while they are alive who are working or taking care of each own family at least or each one can as well be a major supporter of every family already established their lifelong as Birthright Citizens or Lawful Nationals who have to struggle unnecessarily all along each own life.

This Website of World Law Federation is to establish and represent The World Best Righteous Justice™ on behalf of All Good Law Makers; All The Good Law Professionals, to build the World Team of Strong Justice into One World Jurisdiction™, to be able to effectively care for The World Public including All Good Working People at Any Good Governments who are always supporting Good Causes; protecting the Innocent Working People of Family Men and Women as to Individuals who are to be able to live at All Good Living Communities that will surely save and build The All Good Livable Environments.

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6 June 2011, 10:34:43 PM

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